About Us


At Laajasalo Youth House, we aim to take an environmentally friendly approach to all elements of everyday life, and it is on this basis that we plan and develop open youth house and small group activities.

The Youth House’s facilities can be booked for youth groups, youth organisations and associations. The Centre is also home to a youth peer instructor group. Come and explore the diverse range of hobby opportunities we have to offer! You can also find them in Harrastushaku.

We are part of  Helsinki City’s Culture and Leisure Sector, you can read more about us from the Youth Division’s webpage

We produce a variety of cultural a recreational services for children and youth. We promote young people’s participation and provide our clients with support and advice.

You can have more information about our activities and how to book a place by e-mail or calling when the house is open. 

Contact information:

Koulutanhua 2 B
00840 Helsinki
Tel. +358 (0)9 310 717 02
e-mail: laajasalon.nuorisotalo@hel.fi

Facebook: Laajasalon nuorisotalo
Instagram and Snapchat: laajasalonnuta

Note that we don’t allow any intoxicants, such as alcohol, tobacco or drugs in our premises. 

Also, there is always a youth and leisure instructor present at the house while we have open activities.